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zoom USB 3

USB 3.0 on Audio Interfaces Offers No Benefits!

One thing that drives me crazy lately is the fact that every single time a company comes out with a new USB audio interface, one of the first things that people start complaining about is the lack of USB 3.0 support. For some reason people automatically assume USB 3.0 offers some kind of benefits over […]

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Roland Rubix USB Audio Interfaces

New Roland Rubix USB Audio Interfaces Unveiled

Yesterday Roland announced the upcoming release of a new line of inexpensive USB audio interfaces for PC, Mac, and iPads. The new interfaces are called Rubix and there are three difference models, the Rubix 22, Rubix 24 and Rubix 44. The model numbers indicate the ins and outs, so the 22 is a 2×2 interface, […]

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How to Connect MIDI Keyboards and Controllers to Computers

One question that frequently comes up, especially in regards to audio interfaces, is how to connect keyboards and MIDI devices and controllers to computers to use with DAWs and software instruments. A lot of lower cost audio interfaces like the Scarlett 2i2 and Audient iD4 don’t have dedicated MIDI connectors, and that sometimes makes people […]

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M-Audio M-Track

New M-Audio M-Track 2X2 C-Series Audio Interfaces (Video)

A couple of new entry-level USB audio interfaces have recently been released from M-Audio called the M-Track 2X2 C-Series. They have one DI input for connecting guitars and other instruments, along with a combo input for mic/line, a direct monitor knob, a phantom power switch, headphone jack, and balanced outputs. Plus they sport a metal […]

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1st Gen Focusrite Scarletts Work With 2nd Gen Drivers for Lower Latency

A couple of people have left comments over the past week saying that they were able to get their 1st generation Focusrite Scarlett interfaces to work with the Windows drivers designed for the new 2nd gen Scarlett audio interfaces. So I went ahead and gave it a try and it’s true. The 2nd gen driver […]

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Audient iD4 Review

Review: Audient iD4 USB Audio Interface (+Video)

Last month I posted a review of the 2nd generation Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Then Audient released the iD4 about the same time, so I decided to get one to see how it compares to the Scarletts since it’s in the same price range and Audient is known for having high-quality gear. I already posted a […]

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Audient iD4 vs Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and 2i4 Comparison Review

For this review I’m going to be comparing the Audient iD4 against the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and 2i4. All three are bus-powered USB audio interfaces that share a lot of similar features. The price is the same for the iD4 and 2i4, both sell for $199, and the 2i2 is $50 less. Last month I […]

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Audient iD4 vs Scarlett 2i2

Audient iD4 vs Focusrite Scarlett Latency Comparisons (Windows)

Below is a list comparing the overall latency numbers between the Audient iD4 and the 1st and 2nd generation Focusrite Scarlett interfaces on a Windows 7 computer. Over the past couple of months Focusrite and Audient have both released new USB audio interfaces. Audient released the iD4 and Focusrite released 2nd generation Scarlett interfaces, which […]

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