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Toneforge Guilty Pleasure

Toneforge Guilty Pleasure High-Gain Amp Sim Released (Videos)

There’s a new high-gain amp sim suite available on the market from Toneforge by Joey Sturgis. The amp sim pack is called Guilty Pleasure. It’s the third Toneforge guitar sim pack behind the Menace and Ben Bruce plugins. The Guilty Pleasure amp sim comes with a custom high-gain amp, four effects pedals, two cabinets, and […]

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Positive Grid BIAS FX LE

Positive Grid BIAS FX LE Amp Sim Pack – Free Focusrite Plugin

Focusrite has teamed up with Positive Grid to offer a free version of the BIAS FX guitar effects processor as part of the Focusrite Plugin Collective. The BIAS FX LE plugin is free to download for Focusrite interface owners (or anyone who registers an account with them, it seems) throughout the month of November. Just […]

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Line 6 Spider V 30

Line 6 Spider V 30 Guitar Amplifier Review (+Video)

Line 6 released their new lineup of Spider V series modeling amps at the end of September 2016. They replace the Spider IV amps and add a lot more effects (101) and amp simulations (78) for more control over the tone. The Spider V amps also add built-in drum loops and a metronome, a full-range […]

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Blue Cat Destructor

Blue Cat Destructor Amp Sim and Distortion Plugin Released (Videos)

Blue Cat Audio just released a new distortion and amp sim plugin that they’ve been working on for the past five years called Blue Cat Destructor. It’s designed to simulate all kinds of distortion, and it can be used as an amp sim for guitars and bass to create everything from clean to high gain […]

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Brainworx V3 Amp Sim Collection and Free Preset Player Released

Plugin Alliance has released some new Brainworx pedal plugins and they’ve updated their amp sim package with a new V3 collection. They claim that the amp sims have been completely overhauled to improve workflow, lower CPU usage, and increase sound quality. The new bx_rockrack V3 collection includes what they call eight amp models but it’s […]

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New “Spark” Guitar Amp Sim from Mercuriall Announced

The guys from Mercuriall Audio Software have announced the upcoming release of a new guitar amp sim package called Spark that includes four amps modeled after popular Marshall amplifiers. Spark also includes simulations of four cabinets with three different mics. And there are four overdrive/tubescreamer pedals and some effects included as well. Spark is expected […]

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New Lower Prices for Thermionik Amp Sims and Recabinet 5

Kazrog’s Thermionik amp sims are among the best and most realistic-sounding amp sims available on the market, and they just got more affordable. They were already one of the less expensive options and now the prices are even lower. You can get an amp sim for as little as $8.99, and it works out even […]

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Voxengo Boogex

Free Voxengo Boogex Amp Sim Plugin v2.3 Released

Today Voxengo announced the release of an updated version of their free Boogex amp sim plugin, which includes a cabinet simulator and built-in reverb as well. The update version 2.3 for the Boogex plugin adds a gate module, bypass switch, and a new “Type 2” amplifier that features a softer valve-modeled sound. The Boogex amp […]

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