Killer Metal Tone Using Free Ignite Amp Sims (Video)


Ignite Emissary

I came across a pretty cool demo of a song on YouTube that uses only free plugins from Ignite Amps for all the guitar and bass tones.

I’ve posted about some of Ignite Amps’ free plugins before, like their NadIR impulse response loader, but somehow their Emissary guitar amp sim (pictured above) completely bypassed my attention.

They also have an overdrive pedal and PTEq-X vintage tube EQ, among other things.

In fact they have all the free plugins you need to get a killer metal tone, as the video below demonstrates.

Apparently these free IRs from RedWirez were used as well.

I like the Ignite Amps SHB-1 bass amp sim and use it all the time. I tried replacing it with some paid bass plugins but I liked how it sounded better, especially in the mix.

If you haven’t tried any of these free plugins before they are definitely worth checking out!

Ignite Amps Plugins

Note: I changed the links to KVR because the Ignite amps website was recently hacked and is currently offline, but all their plugins are also available from KVR.

Great Metal Guitar Tone…For Free

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2 Responses to “Killer Metal Tone Using Free Ignite Amp Sims (Video)”

  1. I use that in garageband and it’s amazing how well it sounds for a freebie. Highly recommended!!!

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