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Alesis Elevate 5 MKII

New Alesis Elevate 5 MKII Monitors Released; 1st Gens Now Super Cheap

Alesis has released a second generation version of their Elevate 5 studio monitor speakers. I’ve been using a pair of the 1st gen Elevate 5’s for the past two years—here’s the review—and they are surprisingly good speakers for the price. I have them hooked up to the TV and they work great for things like […]

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JBL LSR305 Studio Monitors vs Alesis Elevate 5

JBL LSR305 Studio Monitors vs Alesis Elevate 5 Comparison Review

Last week I upgraded to JBL LSR305 studio monitors from Alesis Elevate 5 speakers while they were on sale at Musician’s Friend. I wanted to put together a quick comparison review between the two brands now that I’ve got both on-hand. I’m not going to do any in-depth tests and get all scientific about it. […]

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Alesis Elevate 5 Studio Monitor Speakers

Review: Alesis Elevate 5 Studio Monitor Speakers

Last year I bought a pair of Alesis 5 Elevate studio speakers. I use them every day and they’ve held up well so I wanted to put together a quick review of them for other people that are looking to get an inexpensive set of studio monitors or just some good computer speakers for listening […]

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Alesis VMini MIDI Keyboard Controller

Alesis V Mini MIDI Keyboard Controller Review and V25 Comparison (+Video)

Overview Earlier this year I posted a review of the Alesis V25 MIDI keyboard controller, so when I got the chance to give the new smaller version a try, I wanted to put together a quick review of the Alesis V Mini keyboard to see how it compares to the larger V25. Both keyboards have […]

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Alesis DM10 Drum Kit

Review: Alesis DM10 Studio Mesh Electronic Drum Kit (+Video)

A few months back I bought an Alesis DM10 drum kit, my first electronic drum set. It has turned out to be a really cool drum kit so I wanted to put together a review and a video demo. There are a few different versions of the Alesis DM10 drum set. Some models have mylar […]

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Alesis V Mini MIDI Controller

New Alesis V Mini 25-key MIDI Controller Released

Alesis has released a new “mini” version of their V series USB MIDI keyboard controllers. The little tike is aptly called the Alesis V Mini. It has 25 mini keys, 4 pads, 4 knobs, and buttons for octave up and down, modulation, sustain, and pitch bend. The pads, buttons, and knobs have nifty blue LED […]

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alesis v25 midi keyboard

Review: Alesis V25 MIDI Keyboard Controller (+Video)

Review Date: January 2016 – Review unit purchased from Guitar Center Overview Alesis offers a number of different kinds of MIDI keyboards. At the budget end of the scale is the V series that was first introduced in 2014. Their mid-level controllers are the VI series, and the VX49 is the high end model. This […]

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Ableton Live 9_2

Ableton Live 9.2 Update Adds New Features and Expanded MIDI Support

A couple weeks ago Ableton officially released their public beta version of Live 9.2 for users to download. It’s a fairly significant update that includes some improvements and new features. The thing I like best about the update is they added support for more MIDI devices that can use their instant mapping feature. The Alesis […]

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