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New MODO Bass Virtual Instrument Plugin from IK (Videos)

Earlier this week IK Multimedia unveiled a new virtual bass instrument plugin called MODO Bass that they’ve been working on for the past eight years. MODO Bass offers a wide range of bass sounds and customizations. It includes twelve popular bass models, two amps, seven stomp boxes, and a bunch of playing style settings. You […]

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Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Top Budget Bass: Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Yesterday I got a new 5-string Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass and it didn’t take long to realize that it’s a really nice bass guitar for the money. Squires have a good reputation for being great budget basses and I can see why. This is one badass bass guitar! It’s definitely a step up from […]

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BEAD and Drop Tuning an Ibanez TMB-100 Talman Bass

Earlier this year I posted a review of the Ibanez TMB-100 Talman Bass. It’s a surprisingly nice bass guitar for under $200, although it’s a bit on the heavy side and it does need a basic setup out of the box. But it plays well and the active EQ controls give it a wide range […]

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Ample Bass Precision Lite 2

Free Fender Precision Bass Plugin from Ample Sound

The folks at Ample Sound released a new free plugin this past week that emulates the Fender Precision Bass, one of the most popular basses of all time. The plugin is called Ample Bass P Lite II. You can download and install it for free, no account setup or email address required. The plugin is […]

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Ibanez TMB100 Bass

Ibanez TMB-100 Talman Bass Review (+Video)

Review Date: March 2016 – Review unit purchased from Sweetwater Overview Ibanez introduced their new Talman Bass series, the TMB-100 and TMB-300, in early 2015. Then they recently released a short scale version for $179, along with some fancier more expensive models, including some new 5-string options. One thing that’s a bit confusing about these […]

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GK Amplification 2

Free Guitar Drive Pedals, Cabinets and Bass Amp Sim from Audiffex

The folks at Audified have started experimenting with some pay-what-you-want deals for their digital products, which means that you can get them for totally and completely free if you’re a cheap bastard like me. You can get a Gallien Krueger bass amp sim, complete with a cabinet and mic for free. It works as a […]

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Solid State Bass Preamp

Best Free Bass Amp Sim Plugins

Here’s a roundup of three of the best free bass plugins to use for DI recording, jamming live, or for practicing. Lately I’ve been learning to play the bass guitar mostly for recording purposes because when you like playing metal and hard rock like I do, fake bass just doesn’t cut it in the mix, […]

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Cheap Bass Guitars

5 Best Bass Guitars for Under $200

Not everyone has several hundred dollars laying around to buy a bass guitar, so this article lists the best 5 budget bass guitars for under $200. I recently decided that I needed to buy a real bass guitar for recording projects because the bass software options that I’ve tried weren’t working well. I’m sure there […]

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