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AmpliTube 4 review

AmpliTube 4 No Bullshit Review and Video Walkthrough

Review Date: April 2016 – Software purchased from IK Multimedia Here’s a quick to-the-point, no bullshit review of AmpliTube 4, devoid of the usual regurgitated marketing spiel. At the bottom of the article there’s a video walkthrough that shows all the main features of AmpliTube 4 and includes some getting started tips to help make […]

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IK free gear giveaway

IK Giving Away Free Gear and Credits for 20th Anniversary

To help celebrate their 20th anniversary, IK Multimedia is giving away some good quality gear along with some free gear credits to spend on whatever you want. The giveaway promotion lasts throughout March 2016. Anyone can claim the free gear and credits; all you need is an IK user account or new users can start […]

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AmpliTube 4

AmpliTube 4 Guitar and Bass Amp Sim Software Now Available

IK Multimedia released the latest version of their popular guitar and bass amp modeling software today. Yep, that’s right. AmpliTube 4 is now available for download. It works with Mac and PC computers and can be used as a plugin for your favorite DAW or as a standalone program. This latest version of AmpliTube adds […]

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Solid State Bass Preamp

Best Free Bass Amp Sim Plugins

Here’s a roundup of three of the best free bass plugins to use for DI recording, jamming live, or for practicing. Lately I’ve been learning to play the bass guitar mostly for recording purposes because when you like playing metal and hard rock like I do, fake bass just doesn’t cut it in the mix, […]

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mesa triple rectifier

AmpliTube Mesa Boogie Sound Examples and Video Reviews

The new AmpliTube MESA/Boogie collection was released last month by IK Multimedia, and so far reviews are extremely positive for the AmpliTube Mesa Boogie amps. Five amps and five cabinets are included in the bundle, and each can be purchased individually as well. All are officially licensed by Mesa Boogie and are designed to replicate […]

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mesa boogie amp sim

AmpliTube MESA/Boogie Amp Sims Now Available (Video)

Today IK Multimedia announced the official release of their new AmpliTube MESA/Boogie collection of amps and cabinets, the first officially authorized digital MESA gear co-developed with the R&D Team at Mesa Engineering. Amp models include the Mark III and Mark IV, the Dual Rectifier and Triple Rectifier, and the TransAtlantic TA-30, Mesa’s take on a […]

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AmpliTube Mesa-Boogie

New AmpliTube Mesa Boogie Amp Sim Collection

Amp sims have become more and more popular in recent years thanks to how easy they are to use and how advances in technology have made them sound closer to the real thing. Last week IK Multimedia and MESA Engineering announced that they’ve collaborated on a new project to bring a set of five Mesa […]

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