New Mercuriall Spark Amp Sim Released – Marshall Amps (Videos)

The guys from Mercuriall officially released their new Spark amp sim today, their second commercial amp sim along with the Tube Amp Ultra 530, an Engl amp simulation. Spark is an amp sim package that simulates four famous Marshall amps, plus it includes stompboxes, cabinets, mics, and effects. Spark is compatible with Mac and PC […]

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List of Free Plugin Offers for Xmas, Plus $1 Deals (Updated)

One of the coolest things about the holiday season is the fact that some companies like to give away software plugins and virtual instruments for free or offer them for super cheap. A couple of audio companies like Soundtoys and Waves already gave away a paid plugin for free on Black Friday, while others prefer […]

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Get DMG Audio’s Track Control Plugin for Free (Video)

DMG Audio recently released a new free plugin called TrackControl, along with four other new paid “Track” plugins and a new website. TrackControl is a stereo channel strip utility plugin with a full set of features, including trim and gain adjustment, M/S encoding and decoding, M/S and L/R panning, stereo width control, it has controls […]

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Arturia MiniLab MkII

New Arturia MiniLab MkII MIDI Keyboard Controller (Video)

Arturia recently released a new mini 25-key MIDI keyboard controller with a nice set of features for the size and price. The Arturia MiniLab MkII sells for $99, about the same price as similar controllers like the Akai MPK Mini MKII, which is probably the most popular model for its size. The Arturia MiniLab MkII […]

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Focusrite USB Driver 4.15 Released for 2nd Gen Scarletts

Yesterday Focusrite issued another update for the Windows drivers on their 2nd gen Scarlett USB audio interfaces. This is like the fifth or sixth update since the new interfaces were released in June, so at least Focusrite’s developers are dedicated to improving things. The new driver version is 4.15. More specifically it’s This is […]

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Steinberg Releases Cubase 9 (Video)

As they do every year around this time, Steinberg has officially announced a new updated version of Cubase. Cubase 9 comes in the form of the usual three versions with varying levels of features between Pro, Artist, and Elements. One of the main new features that Cubase 9 adds is a Lower Zone for the […]

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If You Missed Any Free Focusrite Plugins Get Them Now!

Over the past four months Focusrite has been teaming up with software developers to give away a quality plugin for free each month to Focusrite customers (or anyone who sets up a Focusrite account). Instead of giving away a new plugin for December, Focusrite has decided to offer all four of the previous free plugins […]

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SIR spectrum analyzer

New Free Plugin: Spectrum Analyzer from SIR Audio Tools (Video)

There’s a new spectrum analyzer plugin on the market from SIR Audio Tools to compete with the popular Voxengo Span analyzer plugin. In both cases there’s a fully-capable free version and an upgraded paid version with some added features. The SIR spectrum analyzer plugin is available for Mac and PC in both 32 and 64-bit. […]

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