New JBL 3 Series MkII Studio Monitors Now Available (Video)


JBL 3 Series MkII

JBL recently released a newer updated version of their 3 Series studio monitors.

The JBL 3 Series MkII monitors come in three sizes. There’s the 5-inch 305P, the 6-inch 306P and the 8-inch 308P. The 3 Series also includes a 10-inch sub, the LSR310S, but it hasn’t been updated like the rest.

The prices remain the same as before with the previous gen models.

The 5-inch is $149 each, the 6-inch is $199 and the 8-inch is $249.

The price isn’t the only thing that hasn’t changed. It doesn’t seem like there’s a huge difference between the MkII models.

They have improved high-frequency and low-frequency transducers and they added new boundary EQ settings to help achieve better low-end response when placed near walls and such, but otherwise they seem to be about 95% the same as before.

The previous gen JBL LSR305 is widely regarded as one of the best inexpensive studio monitors on the market; I really like the set I’ve got. Now they’re an even better value because most places have them on clearance with the MkII version taking its place. Currently they’re $99 each at Guitar Center and Amazon has them for $109.

JBL 3 Series MkII – Sweetwater Review

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