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Radial ProRMP reamp box

Reamping DI Guitars With and Without a Reamp Box (Video)

I came across a video demoing the difference between reamping DI guitars using a reamp box versus just using a cable plugged straight from the interface to the amp. Now that I’ve got a Peavey 6505 mini amp, I was wondering how reamping works since I’ve just been working with amp sims for the past […]

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How to Record DI Guitars Using Amp Sims, Plus Tips and Tricks

There’s never been a better time to record guitars using DI, or direct input. The method works with bass guitars, electric guitars and even acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments. Recording DI offers some advantages like being able to reamp the DI track through an amp after recording and being able to use amp sims […]

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How to Setup Spider V Amps to Record in Cubase and Other DAWs

The new lineup of Line 6 Spider V amps have the unique capability of doubling as a USB audio interface to enable recording the amp directly in a DAW. The Spider V amps come with Cubase LE 8, a starter DAW that has a surprising number of features and tools for being a free download. […]

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EZDrummer 2 Metal Drums Mixing Tips (Videos)

EZDrummer 2 is one of the more popular drum plugins available. The drums are already processed quite a bit to sound good out of the box, so to speak, but there are a number of mixing techniques that can be used to make the drums sound bigger and more balanced. EZDrummer has a built-in mixer […]

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EQ Guitar Curve

How to EQ Distorted and DI Guitars Tutorial (Videos)

Chris Lucas with 3 Sigma Audio has been busy uploading a number of helpful video tutorials to YouTube lately covering a variety of basic mixing techniques. Last week we learned how to use compressor plugins and what the different control settings do and how they work. They’ve been posting several video tutorials about how to […]

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Red Compressor Plugin

Learn How To Use Compressor Plugins – Video Tutorials

If you’re just learning how to mix music and make your tracks sound as professional as possible, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube explaining just about everything. The guys with 3 Sigma Audio have been uploading some helpful video tutorials to YouTube lately. Awhile back they posted a tutorial on how to mix a […]

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iZoptope Pro Audio Essentials

Have You Tried iZotope’s Free Pro Audio Training Challenge?

Earlier this year iZotope launched Pro Audio Essentials, a free online course designed to help aspiring music producers hone their audio skills. They have video tutorials to learn the basics of digital audio, plus how to understand compression and equalization. What makes it unique is the fact that you can test your skills through game-based […]

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EZdrummer 2 Metal Machine

How to Start Recording and Making Music at Home (For Free, Even)

When I first wanted to get started recording guitars and making music from home, I didn’t have the slightest idea where to begin, what equipment was required to get started, what software to use, or anything else for that matter. Luckily I had someone with experience give me a list of equipment and software that […]

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