EZDrummer 2 Metal Drums Mixing Tips (Videos)



EZDrummer 2 is one of the more popular drum plugins available. The drums are already processed quite a bit to sound good out of the box, so to speak, but there are a number of mixing techniques that can be used to make the drums sound bigger and more balanced.

EZDrummer has a built-in mixer with a number of controls and some included effects, but there are some limitation with it so a lot of people like to tweak things further by using their DAW and other plugins, such as compressors, EQs and reverb.

EZDrummer sounds pretty good on its own but if you listen to songs by people who know what they are doing they’re able to bring out a lot more punch and make the drums sound bigger and sit in the mix better.

I have a few metal expansion packs and use them for just about everything.

They sound great but I often find the bass drum is too quite and weak. The first thing I used to do to whenever starting a new project was turn up the volume on the kick, but it turns out there are much better ways to get the kick drum to pop more.

Below are a couple of video tutorials from YouTube to help get started learning how to mix drums when using EZDrummer 2.

Make MIDI Drums Pop – EZDrummer 2

Here’s the link to the video above for the referenced links in the description.

EZDrummer 2 Metal Machine Mixing Tips

Here are the links to the free plugins mentioned in the video: ReaPlugs and HeadCrusher.

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