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Sabian AAX X-Plosion Crash Cymbal

Review: Sabian AAX X-Plosion Crash Cymbals 15″ & 16″

I was lucky enough to snag a couple of Sabian AAX X-Plosion crash cymbals last year on sale for $99 each at Amazon. That’s basically half price so I couldn’t pass them up even without being able to hear them in person first. I got the 15-inch X-Plosion crash about six months before the 16-inch […]

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EZdrummer 2 Search Tutorial

EZdrummer 2 Tutorial: How to Use Search & Tap 2 Find (Video)

EZdrummer 2 is one of the best virtual instruments for creating professional, realistic-sounding drum beats. It has everything you need to edit, mix, and write custom drum tracks, and it includes an extensive library of pre-loaded templates suitable for for just about any drumming style, especially with all the various expansion packs. With the release […]

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Hip-Hop! EZX Expansion for EZdrummer 2

Toontrack Release New Hip-Hop! EZX Expansion for EZdrummer 2

Toontrack announced the release of a new hip-hop expansion pack for EZdrummer 2 today. The new collection is called Hip-Hop! EZX. Yesterday I posted about new bundle packages that Toontrack has started offering with their EZdrummer 2 software. They’ve also created a new hip-hop edition that comes with EZdrummer 2, the Hip-Hop! EZX, and their […]

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EZDrummer Bundles

Toontrack’s New EZdrummer 2 Bundles with Expansion Packs

Toontrack recently released four new bundle packages for their popular EZdrummer 2 software, which is one of the best and most realistic-sounding virtual drum packages available. The base software is pretty good but it’s the expansion packs that really make EZdrummer stand out and sound great. That’s what makes these new bundle packages such a […]

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Boom Pro Tools Drums

Boom: Pro Tools Virtual Drum Machine Tutorials (Videos)

Pro Tools recording software comes with six virtual instruments from AIR as part of the additional free plugin package. The included drum machine plugin is called Boom. It includes a wide range of preset drum patterns and various electronic percussion sounds. Boom has a lot of features and settings that can take some time to […]

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