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List of Free Plugin Offers for Xmas, Plus $1 Deals (Updated)

One of the coolest things about the holiday season is the fact that some companies like to give away software plugins and virtual instruments for free or offer them for super cheap. A couple of audio companies like Soundtoys and Waves already gave away a paid plugin for free on Black Friday, while others prefer […]

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Get DMG Audio’s Track Control Plugin for Free (Video)

DMG Audio recently released a new free plugin called TrackControl, along with four other new paid “Track” plugins and a new website. TrackControl is a stereo channel strip utility plugin with a full set of features, including trim and gain adjustment, M/S encoding and decoding, M/S and L/R panning, stereo width control, it has controls […]

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If You Missed Any Free Focusrite Plugins Get Them Now!

Over the past four months Focusrite has been teaming up with software developers to give away a quality plugin for free each month to Focusrite customers (or anyone who sets up a Focusrite account). Instead of giving away a new plugin for December, Focusrite has decided to offer all four of the previous free plugins […]

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SIR spectrum analyzer

New Free Plugin: Spectrum Analyzer from SIR Audio Tools (Video)

There’s a new spectrum analyzer plugin on the market from SIR Audio Tools to compete with the popular Voxengo Span analyzer plugin. In both cases there’s a fully-capable free version and an upgraded paid version with some added features. The SIR spectrum analyzer plugin is available for Mac and PC in both 32 and 64-bit. […]

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Over Diver od82o

Free OverDrive VST Pedal Plugin – Over Diver od82o

This past week has been all about shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so if you’re tired of spending money here’s a pedal plugin that you can download and use completely free of charge. The new free overdrive pedal is called Over Diver od82o and it was created by a Russian developer that goes […]

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Free EQ Plugin: Sonimus SonEQ Update 1.2 Adds AAX, VST3, 64-bit

Sonimus updated their popular free EQ plugin this past week to add support for more formats and 64-bit systems. Now pretty much anyone can download and use the SonEQ Free plugin thanks to the 1.2 update. The SonEQ plugin now covers the gambit of format options with AU, VST, VST 3, AAX, and RTAS support […]

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The Big List of Free Limiter Plugins

There is a surprising number of free limiter plugins available online in VST and AU formats, and even some in AAX format for Pro Tools. They come with varying levels of features. Some are brickwall limiters, some are soft limiters, and some add extra clipping and compression features. Some of the free limiters are exceptional, […]

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Toneforge Guilty Pleasure

Toneforge Guilty Pleasure High-Gain Amp Sim Released (Videos)

There’s a new high-gain amp sim suite available on the market from Toneforge by Joey Sturgis. The amp sim pack is called Guilty Pleasure. It’s the third Toneforge guitar sim pack behind the Menace and Ben Bruce plugins. The Guilty Pleasure amp sim comes with a custom high-gain amp, four effects pedals, two cabinets, and […]

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