Try Sanford’s Cobalt 2.0, Great Free Synth VST Plugin


Free Cobalt Synth

Leslie Sanford has some free VST plugins available, including a really cool free synthesizer called Cobalt that is among the best free plugins on the market.

Cobalt was just updated to version 2.0. The graphics code has been re-written to be more efficient and now the plugin supports custom skins (directions are in the download folder).

The Cobalt plugin is available in VST format for Windows, with both 32 and 64-bit systems supported.

I don’t use synths a lot but they’re a good way to add another layer to your music.

Cobalt is inspired by hybrid synths of the 80s and it definitely has that kind of character.

Cobalt has a bunch of presets to work with, everything from bass to lead to strings and pads. The versatility of the plugin is amazing; it covers a wide range of sounds.

It’s definitely worth checking out, especially for the price, even if you’re not sure if you are into digital synths or not.

Cobalt 2.0

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One Response to “Try Sanford’s Cobalt 2.0, Great Free Synth VST Plugin”

  1. Cobalt is really an astonishing synth. It sounds very well and if it is not strictly a DW6000/DW8000 emulation it is certainly the only VST being able to produce sounds of the same kind and not sounding cheap.
    I really love this free synth and I think you must give it a try.
    I’ve a lot of synths, software and hardware (like Roland SH101, Moog Mother 32, Roland System 1m, Arturia collection, Tone2 Nemesis and Saurus…) so believe me it will be crazy to miss this synth! If Leslie will decide to turn it again into a commercial product, I’ll buy it.