Free bx_subfilter Plugin From Brainworx and Plugin Alliance (Video)



Plugin Alliance and Brainworx have released a new free plugin called bx_subfilter that is designed to tighten up the low end of your mixes and add more punch to lower frequencies.

The bx_subfilter is based on the Filter section of its larger counterpart, the bx_subsynth, that was released earlier this year.

The plugin is available for Mac and PC in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

To get the free plugin you just have to setup a free account with Plugin Alliance if you don’t already have one.

Brainworx’s plugins are really good so it’s definitely worth checking out for free.

As first I didn’t think this plugin would be something that I’d be interested in with a name like subfilter, but it’s actually a very versatile plugin for all kinds of music, not just sub-bass related stuff.

Listen to some of the sound examples over at Plugin Alliance. The bx_subfilter plugin can add a lot of punch to a bass drum and can even be used on things like acoustic guitars to add more depth and liven up the low-end.

Bx_Subfilter Demo from Plugin Alliance

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