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alesis v25 midi keyboard

Review: Alesis V25 MIDI Keyboard Controller (+Video)

Review Date: January 2016 – Review unit purchased from Guitar Center Overview Alesis offers a number of different kinds of MIDI keyboards. At the budget end of the scale is the V series that was first introduced in 2014. Their mid-level controllers are the VI series, and the VX49 is the high end model. This […]

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Add Bass to a Mix by Converting Guitar to MIDI with MiGiC

A few weeks ago I posted about a cool new plugin called MiGiC that lets you convert guitar to MIDI in real time. It basically turns your guitar into a MIDI controller. The plugin is free while it’s in the beta testing phase. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with it. Being able […]

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LK Ableton Live Controller

LK Ableton Live Controller Adds Support for iPhones and Android Phones

The LK Ableton Live Controller app (formerly LIVKONTROL) recently got updated to add support for Android smartphones and iPhones. Previously it was only available on tablet devices; now small screens can get in on the fun too. With the LK app you can pretty much control every aspect of Ableton Live from your phone or […]

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MiGiC Guitar MIDI Converter

Free Plugin: MiGiC Converts Guitar to MIDI in Real Time (Video)

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could use your guitar as a MIDI device to control playing virtually any software instrument in real time? In fact that’s exactly what you can do with a DAW plugin called MiGiC, and you can even download the software and use it free of charge. The plugin is still […]

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Ableton Live 9_2

Ableton Live 9.2 Update Adds New Features and Expanded MIDI Support

A couple weeks ago Ableton officially released their public beta version of Live 9.2 for users to download. It’s a fairly significant update that includes some improvements and new features. The thing I like best about the update is they added support for more MIDI devices that can use their instant mapping feature. The Alesis […]

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Use an iPad or iPhone in a DAW via USB with Audiomux V2

Last week the audiomux app for iPad and iPhone got updated to version 2, and with it came a whole host of new features, including support for Windows computers and third-party app integration. The way audiomax works is it lets you plug in your iPad or iPhone into your MAC or PC computer via USB […]

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Alesis V25 keyboard controller

How to Adjust Velocity Settings on Alesis V Series MIDI Keyboards

The latest lineup of MIDI keyboard controllers from Alesis, the V Series and VI Series, come with velocity sensitive keys and pads. The sensitivity and velocity of the drum pads and keyboard keys is fully adjustable using Alesis’s V Editor software. The software is free to download from the Alesis website under the docs & […]

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Ableton Midi Tutorial

Ableton Live 9 MIDI Setup and Recording Tutorials (Videos)

Ableton Live 9 comes with a bunch of advanced MIDI features that helps make recording and editing virtual instruments and sounds easy. With the MIDI editor you can invert and reverse notes, quantize, create legato phrases, quickly duplicate loops, speed up or slow down individual or selected MIDI notes, and more. MIDI Controller Setup The […]

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