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T-RackS Opto Compressor

Get Free T-RackS Opto Compressor from IK This Week Only

IK Multimedia is giving away a paid plugin for free this week as part of a promotion to get people to install their T-RackS Custom Shop, which comes with some other free plugins as well. The promotional freebie is the T-RackS Opto Compressor. It normally sells for $/€80 so being able to get it for […]

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CA-2A Compressor Plugin

Free CA-2A Compressor Plugin from Cakewalk

If you like getting high-quality plugins for free, Cakewalk is giving away a CA-2A plugin for free for a limited time. Here’s the link to the page on their website where you can get the plugin: Free Cakewalk CA-2A Leveling Amplifier. The Cakewalk CA-2A plugin regularly sells for $99 so being able to get it […]

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Red Compressor Plugin

Learn How To Use Compressor Plugins – Video Tutorials

If you’re just learning how to mix music and make your tracks sound as professional as possible, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube explaining just about everything. The guys with 3 Sigma Audio have been uploading some helpful video tutorials to YouTube lately. Awhile back they posted a tutorial on how to mix a […]

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Slate Digital Monster

The Monster: Killer Free Plugin from Slate Digital (Video)

The folks at Slate Digital have released a really nice new free plugin called The Monster. The full name is mouthful but it gives you an idea of what it does: The Monster Extreme Dynamic Processor. According to the description, The Monster is designed to emulate the classic “all buttons in” extreme compression sound of […]

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reaeq free plugin

Free Plugins: ReaPlugs VST FX Suite

Yesterday I posted an article with some tips on how to mix guitars when using amp simulators. One of the more common tricks to get better tone involves adding an equalizer with high pass and low pass filters to the end of the guitar FX chain. I’ve been testing the free EQ plugins referenced in […]

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Free Plugin: MJUC jr. Variable-Tube Compressor (Video)

Klanghlem, a popular brand of audio plugins, recently released a new variable tube compressor plugin called MJUC, which consists of three different compressor models. Instead of releasing a demo version of MJUC, there’s lite version called MJUC jr that combines two of the three models into a standalone freeware plugin. The free version is really […]

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