Free CA-2A Compressor Plugin from Cakewalk


CA-2A Compressor Plugin

If you like getting high-quality plugins for free, Cakewalk is giving away a CA-2A plugin for free for a limited time.

Here’s the link to the page on their website where you can get the plugin: Free Cakewalk CA-2A Leveling Amplifier.

The Cakewalk CA-2A plugin regularly sells for $99 so being able to get it for free is definitely a nice perk.

The CA-2A plugin is a very popular classic opto-compressor with tube amplification.

There are a number CA-2A emulations from different plugin companies, and they’re all pretty pricey so get this one while you can.

It’s available in all the common formats for Windows and Mac computers.

All you have to do is setup an account with Cakewalk to get the plugin for free. But some people don’t like having to install the Cakewalk Command Center to authorize it.

You can authorize the plugin offline to avoid having to use CCC. Instead of using the provided download link, go to the My Products section and click on the CA-2A plugin link to download it by itself without CCC. Then when you launch the plugin you can proceed to authorized it offline.

Cakewalk CA-2A plugin

Cakewalk CA-2A Plugin Overview

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