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Toontrack Software Cheap

Here’s a Tip to Get Music Software for Cheap – Plugins, DAWs, etc

I recently stumbled upon an easy way to save some cash when buying music software, including certain plugins and some digital audio workstations like Ableton Live 10 and Reason. If you live in the US, sometimes the exchange rate makes it quite a bit cheaper to buy software from outside the US (not sure if […]

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Arturia MiniLab Live Mapping

Arturia MiniLab MkII Ableton Live Tips

Last year I bought an Arturia MiniLab MKII and it has turned out to be a great mini MIDI keyboard controller for the price. The keys are a lot nicer than the Alesis MIDI keyboards I tried previously, and it has a lot more knobs and pads to work with. I especially like the integration […]

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Live 10 Theme Editor

Ableton Live 10 Theme Editor – Free Tool (Windows)

The update for Ableton Live 10 was released last month, and one of the differences with Live 10 is it has themes to customize the appearance instead of skins like in Live 9. Unfortunately skins from Live 9 aren’t the same as themes so if you had a skin that you liked in Live 9 […]

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LK Ableton Live Controller

LK Ableton Live Controller Adds Support for iPhones and Android Phones

The LK Ableton Live Controller app (formerly LIVKONTROL) recently got updated to add support for Android smartphones and iPhones. Previously it was only available on tablet devices; now small screens can get in on the fun too. With the LK app you can pretty much control every aspect of Ableton Live from your phone or […]

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Ableton Live Recording

Ableton Live Recording Techniques Guide

One of the main things that separates Ableton Live from other DAWs is the unique way it allows you to record and put together songs. Most DAWs arrange songs in a timeline from left to right, with each track stacked on top of each other horizontally. In Ableton Live that’s called Arrangement view, but there’s […]

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Ableton Live 9_2

Ableton Live 9.2 Update Adds New Features and Expanded MIDI Support

A couple weeks ago Ableton officially released their public beta version of Live 9.2 for users to download. It’s a fairly significant update that includes some improvements and new features. The thing I like best about the update is they added support for more MIDI devices that can use their instant mapping feature. The Alesis […]

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Ableton Midi Tutorial

Ableton Live 9 MIDI Setup and Recording Tutorials (Videos)

Ableton Live 9 comes with a bunch of advanced MIDI features that helps make recording and editing virtual instruments and sounds easy. With the MIDI editor you can invert and reverse notes, quantize, create legato phrases, quickly duplicate loops, speed up or slow down individual or selected MIDI notes, and more. MIDI Controller Setup The […]

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