List of Differences Between Free and Paid Versions of Amplitube 4


Amplitube 4 Free Cab Room

IK Multimedia recently added the 3D cab room to their free version of Amplitube 4, called Amplitube Custom Shop.

IK is often quite generous with their free software, and the mic room definitely helps when sculpting your tone in Amplitube, but now there’s not a huge difference between the free and paid versions of Amplitube 4.

IK’s website doesn’t explain the differences well at all so it’s rather confusing.

Basically what it comes down to is the paid version is essentially a Marshall amp pack now and little else.

Unless you really like IK’s Marshall amps and cabinets, which are oddly the only ones you can’t test before buying, then there’s not much reason to upgrade.

Most of the other inluded amps, pedals, and cabinets are already available in the free version of Amplitube.

Personally I don’t think the 5 Marshall amps are worth the asking price of $149 for Amplitube 4; you’d be better off spending that money on the new Fender or Mesa Boogie packs instead, but it all comes down to personal preference and the sound you’re trying to achieve.

I got sick of IK’s over-the-top hyper-annoying marketing style so I rarely pay attention to their products anymore, but Amplitube 4 does have some good things going for it and some of the gear does sound really good once you filter it out from all the outdated crap.

To get the free version of Amplitube 4, head over to IK’s website and download the Amplitube Custom Shop. In addition to the added cab room, the free version comes with 4 amp sims, 5 cabinets, 9 pedals, 3 mics, 2 rack effects, and a tuner. Most of it’s outdated garbage, but hey, it’s free, and once you have it you can test and buy all the individual pieces of gear available in Amplitube.

What the Paid Version Gets You

Here’s the list of gear that the paid version of Amplitube 4 adds to the gear included in the free version.

5 Marshall amp sims:
Brit 8000 (JCM800)
Brit 9000 (JCM900)
Red Pig (Marshal Major)
Brit Silver (Marshal Jubilee)
Brit Valve Pre (Marshal JMP-1)

5 matching cabinets:
4×12 Brit 8000
4×12 Brit 9000
4×12 Red Pig
4×12 Brit Silver
4×12 Brit 30

1 pedal – Acoustic Sim (that sounds absolutely dreadful, btw)
1 mic – Double Dynamic 57
1 tuner – Ultra-Tuner (I hate this “ultra” tuner; it’s too sensitive and is always jumping around)

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