Focusrite to Update Drivers for 1st Gen Scarlett Interfaces Too


Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

Last week Focusrite released 2nd generation models of their Scarlett line of USB audio interfaces.

One of the main benefits of the newer models is the overall latency is much lower, about half the latency as the 1st gen models on Windows (Scarlett interfaces latency comparison).

Owners of 1st generation Scarlett interfaces were wondering what that means for their suddenly outdated devices, but it looks like Focusrite isn’t going to abandon them just yet.

I noticed Focusrite’s Facebook page has a couple of posts where they say that they are working on releasing a driver update for 1st generation Scarlett interfaces as well that will improve latency performance.

They say to keep an eye on their website for updates.

That’s good news for existing Scarlett interface owners. It remains to be seen how much of an improvement there will be but at least they aren’t intending to move on completely from the 1st generation line now that the newer models are out, which is often the case with technology.

The Windows drivers for the 1st gen interfaces haven’t been officially updated since 2013 so it’s surprising that they’d update them again at all at this point.

I figured they’d just keep them the same to give 1st gen Scarlett owners a good reason to upgrade.

As it turns out, if you have a 1st gen device you might want to wait it out awhile to see what kind of improvements the updated drivers bring to it before jumping ship for a newer model.

Here’s the quote from Facebook:

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4 Responses to “Focusrite to Update Drivers for 1st Gen Scarlett Interfaces Too”

  1. I am curious if Focusrite is going to make these updated drivers for 1st generation intentionally slower just for sake a second generation hype. I think both units are capable of the same scores. If Focusrite would actually make a difference they rather instal USB 3.0 insted of 2.0

  2. Still waiting on these new drivers Its been months since they said this, how hard is it for a TOP-Line company to make an updated driver. Latency is a driver issue not a hardware issue. And Kowalski, USB 3.0 wont provide any better performance or latency over USB 2.0. The only advantage of 3.0 is higher bandwidth, and this is verified and confirmed by computer specialists as well as Focusrite themselves.

    • I saw they were still saying the new drivers for the 1st gens are coming soon on their Facebook page with the last 4.12 update for the 2nd gens. Who knows…. The wait has been overly long at this point. I also don’t get the whole USB 3.0 is better thing. USB 2.0 already has enough bandwidth for interfaces with like 18 ins and 20 outs so I don’t know what the point is other than marketing nonsense. I would never get any audio component with USB 3 anyway because it is so flaky and unreliable. It would create more problems than benefits, most likely. I’ve got to be careful not to plug the wrong thing into my computer’s USB 3.0 ports or it will cause a bluescreen (like the Fast Track Solo interface I used to have), and nothing I ever get supports 3.0 anyway and it’s been around for years, so to hell with it altogether at this point.

  3. They aren’t going to release them. Take the scarlett 2i2 1st gen for instance. It’s the EXACT same as the 2nd gen xcept for the guitar preamp, so making the latest 2nd gen driver usable on the first gen device should be easy but they won’t do it. Screw support for legacy customers, they just want that sweet sweet $$$.