ToneDeluxe – Free Analog Tube Amp Sim



Several new free amp sims have been released recently. Yesterday I posted about the SoftAmp PSA, a SansAmp sim, so let’s go in a different direction today.

There’s a new analog tube amp sim called ToneDeluxe by a developer called Lostin70’s.

The plugin is available in AU and VST formats in 64 bit.

The ToneDeluxe amp sim is based on ECC83 and EL34 tubes.

It also includes two spring reverb models and five cabinets to choose from, or you can use no cabinet if you want to use a separate IR loader.

The amp has two channels, one for clean and one for high gain.

The high gain channel includes a DriveTone setting to cut and boost high frequencies before the amp like a tube screamer.

Below are a few sound examples; check the website for more:

ToneDeluxe Amp Sim

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One Response to “ToneDeluxe – Free Analog Tube Amp Sim”

  1. One of the best free amp sims I tried so far. It comes close to an real amp without that “plastic” sound. Latency is low.