New PRS SuperModels Amp Sim Pack from Waves (Video)


PRS SuperModels

Waves Audio has just released a collection of PRS amp sims that were created in collaboration with Paul Reed Smith himself.

The Waves PRS SuperModels pack comes with three PRS amp models, including the Archon, the Dallas, and the unreleased Blue Sierra/V9.

There’s an IR loader included as well with 8 speaker cabinet IRs that were created by Paul Reed Smith using his own personal gear in his home studio.

You can use 3rd party IRs too, up to two at once. And the IR browser can be set to automatically switch IRs so you can demo them while playing.

They also note that each amp has three additional features not available in the original hardware. There’s essentially a boost pedal built-in to push the signal harder, along with a digital tuner and a noise gate.

The Waves PRS SuperModels collection works as a plugin and a standalone program so you can use it outside of a DAW if you want to.

The $49 intro price is pretty reasonable considering it comes with 3 amps and 8 cabinet IRs. The regular price is $129.

Waves PRS SuperModels

PRS SuperModels Amp Plugin Demo

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