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New Lower Prices for Thermionik Amp Sims and Recabinet 5

Kazrog’s Thermionik amp sims are among the best and most realistic-sounding amp sims available on the market, and they just got more affordable. They were already one of the less expensive options and now the prices are even lower. You can get an amp sim for as little as $8.99, and it works out even […]

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Thermionik 5

25 New Amp Sim Models Now Available – Thermionik 5

Recabinet 5 was finally released today. Well, sort of… Recabinet 4 was a popular amp sim plugin by Kazrog that included 5 simulated amps and a bunch of cabinets and mics. Now with the release of the 5th generation product, Kazrog has split Recabinet and Thermionik into two separate plugins. Thermionik 5 represents the 25 […]

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Recabinet 4

Recabinet 4 Amp Sim 50% Off Coupon Code

Recabinet 4 is one of the leading amp simulator plugins on the market, and for the rest of August 2015 you can purchase it for half price. They first started running the sale at the beginning of the month. Initially the deal was only supposed to last for about a week to 10 days, but […]

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Recabinet 4 vs TSE X50 Amp Simulator Comparison Review – Part 1

TSE X50 and Recabinet 4 are two of the best software amp simulators on the market for rock and heavy metal guitars. It’s amazing how close they sound to the real thing when properly configured and mixed. If you don’t believe amp sims can sound as good as the real thing, I suggest listening to […]

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