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Thermionik 5

Recabinet 5 was finally released today. Well, sort of…

Recabinet 4 was a popular amp sim plugin by Kazrog that included 5 simulated amps and a bunch of cabinets and mics.

Now with the release of the 5th generation product, Kazrog has split Recabinet and Thermionik into two separate plugins.

Thermionik 5 represents the 25 new amps, each available in packs of 5 for $50 for new users and $30 for Recabinet 4 owners with code E44F5A52.

Each amp is now its own individual plugin.

Recabinet 5 now represents the cabinet and EQ section, which is also a separate plugin. It will be released in February 2016, and will cost $15 for new users.

So technically Recabinet 5 hasn’t been released yet, but Thermionik 5 has, which includes 25 total amps that you can use with a separate IR loader like NadIR or the cabinet section of Recabinet 4 or other cabinet sim.

Recabinet 4 owners get free upgrades for the 5 amps included in 4 (modern classics I) as well as Recabinet 5 when it comes out, along with the IR library from 3 and 4. Plus the 40% discount on new amp packs.

It’s amazing how many new amp sims that have come out over the past six months. I plan on posting some reviews and comparisons so stay tuned for more details.

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List of 25 Simulated Amps

Plugin Name
Inspired by
Thermionik Bassmensch
Fender ’59 Bassman
Thermionik Blackverb
Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb
Thermionik Chimp
Fender ’62 Champ
Thermionik Damage 120
ENGL Savage 120
Thermionik Duality 2ch
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (2 channel)
Thermionik Duality 3ch
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (3 channel)
Thermionik FB100
Friedman BE-100
Thermionik M2B
Mesa Boogie Mark IIB
Thermionik M2CP
Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+
Thermionik M4
Mesa Boogie Mark IV
Thermionik Marshland 45
Marshall JTM45
Thermionik Marshland 800
Marshall JCM800
Thermionik Marshland Jumpy78
Marshall ’78 JMP (stock)
Thermionik Marshland Jumpy79J
Marshall ’79 JMP (Jose Arredondo mod)
Thermionik Marshland Jumpy79S
Marshall ’79 JMP (Mike Soldano mod)
Thermionik OgreTuber
Bogner Uberschall (original, not Twin Jet)
Thermionik Plexi
Marshall Super Lead 1959 “Plexi” 100W
Thermionik Psycho A
Peavey 5150
Thermionik Psycho B
Peavey 5150 II
Thermionik Psycho C
EVH/Fender 5150 III
Thermionik Serpent
Framus Cobra
Thermionik Solid 100
Soldano SLO 100
Thermionik Super 1690
Supro 1690T Coronado
Thermionik Vocal30
Vox AC30
Thermionik Vocal30 TB
Vox AC30 (Top Boost)

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