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BEAD and Drop Tuning an Ibanez TMB-100 Talman Bass

Earlier this year I posted a review of the Ibanez TMB-100 Talman Bass. It’s a surprisingly nice bass guitar for under $200, although it’s a bit on the heavy side and it does need a basic setup out of the box. But it plays well and the active EQ controls give it a wide range […]

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Ibanez TMB100 Bass

Ibanez TMB-100 Talman Bass Review (+Video)

Review Date: March 2016 – Review unit purchased from Sweetwater Overview Ibanez introduced their new Talman Bass series, the TMB-100 and TMB-300, in early 2015. Then they recently released a short scale version for $179, along with some fancier more expensive models, including some new 5-string options. One thing that’s a bit confusing about these […]

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Cheap Bass Guitars

5 Best Bass Guitars for Under $200

Not everyone has several hundred dollars laying around to buy a bass guitar, so this article lists the best 5 budget bass guitars for under $200. I recently decided that I needed to buy a real bass guitar for recording projects because the bass software options that I’ve tried weren’t working well. I’m sure there […]

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