Tracktion T6 DAW Now Completely Free


Tracktion T6

Once again Tracktion has upgraded their free DAW offering, now available as Tracktion version 6.

It wasn’t too long that they started offering Tracktion T5 for free, but now you can get T6 for free instead, and it’s a fully featured digital audio workstation without restrictions.

Tracktion T6 used to sell for $60 so being able to get it completely free with no stipulations is pretty cool.

As far as free DAWs go, Tracktion T6 is probably the best option.

It supports third-party plugins and there are no limitations on the number of audio or MIDI tracks like a lot of other free or intro DAWs.

Tracktion is known for having an intuitive single-screen interface. Everything is laid out from left to right with a drag-and-drop style workflow.

The software works with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, with support for 32 and 64 bit systems.

T6 is a great way to get started with making your own music at home for free.

Tracktion T6

T6 Intro

via: BPB

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3 Responses to “Tracktion T6 DAW Now Completely Free”

  1. Hi Nathan, how’s it going? You haven’t posted in awhile so I was wondering.

    Anyway, just learned about this free offer, looks good!

    • Funny timing, I was literally just about to download and try out that plugin right now. The EQ match feature looks interesting and I want see how it performs.

      Now that summer is winding down I’ll have time to start doing more posts again.

      • Looking forward to future posts.

        Lately I’ve not had time for the recording hobby, but still faithfully check your site every week not wanting to miss out on good deals haha!