IK Releasing New Fender Collection 2 for Amplitube


Fender Collection 2

IK Multimedia has announced the upcoming release a Fender Collection 2 for Amplitube.

The pack includes officially certified Fender gear and comes with seven amps and seven matching cabinets.

It’s expected to get released later this month.

The original Fender collection for Amplitube was released like seven years ago so it was due for an update.

Here’s the list of amps and cabinets included in the collection:

7 Amps
’57 Custom Twin-Amp
’57 Custom Pro-Amp
’57 Custom Deluxe
’57 Custom Champ
’57 Bandmaster
’53 Bassman
’65 Super Reverb

7 Cabinets
2×12 ’57 Custom Twin-Amp
1×15 ’57 Custom Pro-Amp
1×12 ’57 Custom Deluxe
1×8 ’57 Custom Champ
3×10 ’57 Bandmaster
1×15 ’53 Bassman
4×10 ’65 Super Reverb

The price of the Fender Collection 2 is $149, with an introductory pre-order price of $99. There’s also an Amplitube 4 bundle option for $179 ($229 regularly).

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