Guitar Sweep Picking & Tapping Lesson with Video and Tab


Tapping Lesson

Last week I posted about a Pentatonic Tapping Lick Lesson from YouTube based on the E Minor Pentatonic scale. It’s a fun lick to learn and is good for practicing skipping strings with tapping.

This week I found a video lesson on YouTube with a really cool sweep picking and tapping lick. The video is great because it includes guitar tab and a lesson with slower tempo to help learn the notes and technique.

Plus the backing track is open for the last part of the video so you can play against the music to get the timing and sound down.

I also took screenshots of the video to post the pictures of the tab below to make learning the pattern a little easier without having to keep rewinding and fast-forwarding the video.

Now, let’s preface this lesson with the fact that this lick is super complicated and hard to learn. This is the kind of thing for advanced players, so don’t get discouraged if you cannot get it to sound good.

The hardest part isn’t learning the notes and finger placements themselves, it’s learning how to mute the strings that you’re not playing.

Getting a crisp clean sound is the most important thing when tapping and sweeping, especially when combining them together in the same lick. Getting the right timing takes a ton of practice.

It can help to practice using something to mute the strings, like a muter or dampener, to minimize string noise when first learning the pattern, and then once you get the lick down try to practice muting the strings with your hands to master the lick.

Melodic Sweep Picking & Tapping Lick

Here are the images of the tab for each pattern:

Pattern #1 – EM7




Pattern #2 – CMaj7



Pattern #3 – AM7



Pattern #4 – FMaj7



If you come across another really cool lick or riff lesson online, feel free to share it in the comments section.

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