AmpliTube Mesa Boogie Sound Examples and Video Reviews


mesa triple rectifier

The new AmpliTube MESA/Boogie collection was released last month by IK Multimedia, and so far reviews are extremely positive for the AmpliTube Mesa Boogie amps.

Five amps and five cabinets are included in the bundle, and each can be purchased individually as well. All are officially licensed by Mesa Boogie and are designed to replicate their hardware counterparts.

There’s the Triple Rectifier and Dual Rectifier, the Mark III and Mark IV, and a British tribute amp called the TransAtlantic TA-30.

There are some YouTube videos demoing the new gear, and some examples on SoundCloud.

The reviews and sound examples are posted below; it helps to have everything in one place to compare different amps and styles.

The cool thing with AmpliTube is you can download it for free and fully test out amps and gear for 72 hours each. It’s a good sales strategy because I didn’t think I’d like the Mesa amps as much as some other high-gain amps but they do have their own unique kind of sound that’s quite nice.

If nothing else, listen to this first song by Ola Englund—it’s the best example so far of what the AmpliTube Mesa Boogie amps can do.

Ola Englund – AmpliTube Mesa Mark IV

AmpliTube’s Official Playlist

Vern C – Dual Rectifier & Transatlantic Test

Iron Tusk Home Studio – Mark IV Test

Yamacha Test Sounds – AmpliTube Mesa Boogie Test

MESA/Boogie – Metallica Sounds

Mesa Dual Rectifier Demo – Dream Theater

Mesa Mark and Rectifier Series Demo

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