New Bulldozer High Gain Amp Sim from Audio Assault (Video)


Bulldozer Amp Sim

Audio Assault has released a new 2 channel high-gain amp sim called Bulldozer that is designed to deliver powerful metal tones.

The plugin comes with 10 pedals and effects, including a tube screamer, reverb, wah pedal, and doubler.

It also comes with four cabinet simulations and offers customizable mic placement and high and low pass filters.

The plugin supports 3rd-party IRs as well if you want to bypass the included cabinets.

Audio Assault is offering Bulldozer at an introductory rate of $5 until July 24th. The regular price is $49.

Bulldozer is available in VST, VST3, AU, AAX, and RTAS formats for both Mac OS X and Windows.

Audio Assault Bulldozer

Bulldozer Quick Test

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