New Brainworx Classic Guitar Tones Pedals and Amp Released


Brainworx Classic Guitar Tones Bundle

Plugin Alliance has announced the release of a new Brainworx Classic Guitar Tones Bundle that includes a “pedal friendly” amp and 4 stompboxes.

The heart of the bundle includes a simulation of the famous Fender Bassman amp. The description says the amp is modeled after an early 1960’s Bassman amp, model #6G6-B. The emulation is designed to capture the original’s tone and is optimized to respond well to pedals.

The four pedal plugins include simulations of the famous Ibenez TS808 Tube Screamer pedal (I wonder how it compares to the free version), the Boss SD-1 and DS-1 overdrive and distortion pedals, and the Boss CE-2 chorus pedal.

According to Plugin Alliance, each individual plugin will be available starting October 15th. Until then they are only available as a bundle package.

You can download fully-functional 14-day demos of each pedal as well as the full amp and pedal bundle pack to test before buying.

The introductory price is $129 for the full Classic Guitar Tones Bundle. The regular price is listed at $345. There’s no word just yet on individual plugin pricing, but all five will probably add up to $345.

Sound Examples

Brainworx Classic Guitar Tones Bundle

The package includes the following amp and pedal plugins:

bx_bassdude – Based on the Fender Bassman amp.

bx_greenscreamer – Based on the Ibenez TS808 Tube Screamer Pedal.

bx_yellowdrive – Based on the Boss SD-1 Overdrive Pedal.

bx_distorange – Based on the Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal.

bx_bluechorus2 – Based on the Boss CE-2 Chorus Pedal.

Classic Tones Bundle Video Demo

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