Line 6 Factory Closeout Sale – Get up to 50% Off


Line 6 Closeout Sale

Line 6 is having a big factory closeout sale that runs from now through March 31st.

They have some really good deals on a number of their older products. Some items are 50% off of what they are currently selling for from other retailers right now.

They have Spider IV amps for cheap (they’re a lot better than Spider V amps, IMO).

One of the best deals of the lot is a Spider Valve 412VS-T Slant Cab for $350 with free shipping.

It’s their highest-end 4×12 cabinet and it comes with 4 Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.

The price is so low that you could pull the speakers from the cabinet and literally sell them for a profit.

The Valve 412VS-T cabinet normally sells for $700 so being able to get it for $350 brand new is a pretty killer deal. Plus the reviews for it are very positive, unlike cheaper Line 6 cabs with custom Celestion speakers. The Spider Valve cabinet is more comparable to higher-end cabs and is apparently very similar to the equivalent Bogner cab.

Line 6 has some other cabinets on sale as well, along with some wireless receivers and an XD-V30 microphone.

Line 6 Factory Closeout Sale

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