Get Free SampleTank NRG Sound Library from IK



IK Multimedia is running another promotion where you can get a free sound library for SampleTank for the next week.

All you have to do is install and register IK’s free SampleTank Custom Shop to get the free sound library.

The promotion lasts for one week only, from March 16th through March 23rd.

The free sounds are from the NRG beats series.

It normally sells for $40 so being able to get it for free is pretty cool.

The SampleTank Custom Shop also comes with 30 free instruments if you haven’t installed it before.

If you already have the Custom Shop installed, you have to login and choose the NRG library and click the “Buy” button. Then you have to go to the User Area on the IK site and register the free NRG sound library. The process is a bit more convoluted than IK’s other free offers.

See the post about the free offer at IK for more details.

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3 Responses to “Get Free SampleTank NRG Sound Library from IK”

  1. Caught this just in time! Thanks again for the updates. Just wanted to let you know you still have this loyal reader here.

    With that said, i know that this is mostly a hobby for you. Do you recommend any other good websites that cater to people like me? (A low-budget amateur home-recorder always looking for free stuff or beginner-friendly guides)

    I used to browse some of the major sites (like SoundOnSound), but they were too professional-centric for me.