Get DMG Audio’s Track Control Plugin for Free (Video)



DMG Audio recently released a new free plugin called TrackControl, along with four other new paid “Track” plugins and a new website.

TrackControl is a stereo channel strip utility plugin with a full set of features, including trim and gain adjustment, M/S encoding and decoding, M/S and L/R panning, stereo width control, it has controls for phase and LR swap, it has a high-pass filter with adjustable frequency and slope, and track delay.

Not all free plugins are created equal. Some aren’t worth the time and trouble to download, install, and authorize.

Then there are free plugins like TrackControl that are so good that they fall into the category of must-have plugins.

DMG is known for offering high-quality plugins and this freebie is no exception.

You can download the free Track Control plugin from the DMG website after setting up a free account.

The plugin is available in all the common formats for PC and Mac, with the option for 32 or 64-bit: VST, VST3, AU, AAX, RTAS.

Russ from Pro Tools Expert gives an overview of the Free DMG Audio TrackControl plugin in the YouTube video below.

Free DMG TrackControl Demo

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