Free DAW: Tracktion T5 Now Free to Use, No Restrictions


Free Traction T5 DAW

Tracktion T5 is the latest new free DAW to get released. It used to be paid software but now it replaces T4 as the free version of Tracktion.

The free T5 DAW works with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and it’s available in 32 and 64 bit.

It’s one of the best options for a free DAW if you want to use as many VST or AU plugins as you want, plus it supports unlimited audio and MIDI tracks.

Tracktion is known for having an intuitive single-screen interface. Everything is laid out from left to right with a drag-and-drop style workflow.

Traction T5 is free to download and use without restrictions—it’s not a demo or a trial for something you have to pay for later and no features are disabled.

They have paid upgrades to T6 and T7 that offer more features, but T5 has enough going for it to be a complete DAW on its own.

Most free DAWs offer a limited number of tracks or restrict plugin usage, so having support for unlimited audio and MIDI tracks and as many plugins as you want it a big plus. T5 fully supports automation as well, and it has audio comping, latency management, track freeze, MIDI learn, a basic timestretch algorithm, and more.

T5 is a good way to get started with recording and producing your own music from home for free. Here’s a quick video to see what Tracktion T5 looks like in action.

T5 Video Overview v2

Free Tracktion T5 DAW

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