Big IK Anniversary Sale, 25% Off All Software and Plugins


IK Anniversary Sale

IK Multimedia is running a big anniversary sale throughout the month of April 2017.

Pretty much every software collection and plugin they have is on sale for 25% off the regular price.

They’re also offering 25% off of the price of upgrades and crosgrades.

Gear credits are marked down by 25% as well, so you can get 100 gear credits for $75 for example.

You can even use the Custom Shop to get 25% off on single processors and sounds for T-Racks and SampleTank, according to IK.

Apparently the only software not included in the deal is the recently-released Fulltone Collection for Amplitube.

All the other Amplitube products and bundles are included in the sale, along with MODO Bass and SampleTank and T-Racks collections, and even their Max bundles.

Here’s the page at IK with the list of deals and prices for the 25% off Sale.

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