2nd Gen Focusrite Scarlett Drivers Updated to 4.14



Yesterday Focusrite posted new updated Windows drivers for their 2nd gen Scarlett audio interfaces.

The new driver version is 4.14, more specifically The previous version was 4.12 so I guess they’re skipping 4.13 altogether.

The 4.14 driver claims to remedy two problems.

Focusrite says they’ve fixed an issue that causes distorted audio when streaming for long periods of time, and they fixed crashes caused by 64-bit standalone plugins.

I’ve experienced the second problem with the standalone version of Amplitube 4 so it’s good to see they’ve fixed the problem. I’d rather use Amplitube in a DAW anyway so I never really cared.

I briefly tested the new 4.14 driver with my 2nd gen Scarlett 2i2 but I didn’t like the performance decrease so I rolled back to the 4.11 driver, which works the best on my Windows 7 PC.

For me it’s the same story as with the 4.12 driver update where they changed the latency settings to be less at the lower buffer size settings so that 32 and 64 samples perform pretty much the same, which start crackling at higher CPU usage.

I can run the 4.11 driver much harder without inducing crackling and the overall latency is less than 2 ms more than the 4.14 driver at 64 samples, so I’m just going to stick with 4.11 indefinitely.

Below is the link to Focusrite’s downloads section where you can get the new driver if you want it.

Focusrite Downloads Section

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6 Responses to “2nd Gen Focusrite Scarlett Drivers Updated to 4.14”

  1. Hi again Nathan,

    Some time ago it was mentioned in the comments that the 2nd gen drivers could be used with 1st gen, even improving latency.

    Any followup on that, and with this latest driver?

  2. Can you please provide driver version 4.11 or any lower than 4.15 at my email.I cant install 4.15

  3. Thanx a lot Nathan