Free Plugin: STA Delay from Audified, Summing Tube Processing Delay


STA Delay

Audified have released an updated version of their STA Effects suite of plugins, and thanks to the folks at Ask.Audio you can get one of the new plugins, STA Delay, for free.

The STA Delay plugin is priced at $49 normally so being able to get if for free is a nice perk.

In order to get it for free you need to use the coupon code from over at Ask.Audio.

Apparently they liked the plugin so much they licensed it and put their name on it so they could offer it exclusively to Ask.Audio readers for free.

The STA Delay plugin works with Mac and Windows computers, and it’s available in AAX, AU, and VST formats.

Here’s more about the plugin from the description:

STA Delay is a classic effect creating delayed repetitions of the incoming signal. But in addition it offers the same 5 types of valve saturation as all the STA Effects series do.

I always have a problem finding delay plugins that work well with guitars, but the STA Delay plugin sounds surprisingly good on guitar tracks. It’s definitely a keeper.

Here’s a video demo I found on YouTube showing the STA Delay plugin in action:

Audified STA 2 | Delay Overview

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