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X50 Pedals

TSE X50 Update 2.4.5 Adds New Pedals & Effects, Improves Sound

TSE X50 is one of my favorite amp sims and it just got a lot better. They just released an update, version 2.4.5, that adds some new pedals and effects, along with some new nice-sounding IRs from 3 Sigma Audio. Both amplifiers have been enhanced as well with new re-modeled interconnecting algorithms. The TSE X50 […]

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TSE X50 Review

TSE X50 Amp Sim Review and Video Demo

I’ve been trying out a bunch of different amp sims lately, including Amplitube 4 and the Mesa Boogie amps, Thermionik, and TSE X50 (the free Mercuriall and LePou plugins are nice amp sims too). I wanted to put together some reviews and comparisons between them. First up is the TSE X50 plugin from TSE Audio, […]

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Recabinet 4 vs TSE X50 Amp Simulator Comparison Review – Part 1

TSE X50 and Recabinet 4 are two of the best software amp simulators on the market for rock and heavy metal guitars. It’s amazing how close they sound to the real thing when properly configured and mixed. If you don’t believe amp sims can sound as good as the real thing, I suggest listening to […]

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TSE X30 Preamp

TSE X50 Updated to v2.4, Now Comes with TSE X30 Preamp

Last month TSE Audio released a major update for their TSE X50 plugin, a guitar amp simulator based on the Peavey 5150 amp that is favored by many rock and metal musicians. The new updated 2.4 version includes some enhancements for the TSE X50 amp, and now they’ve added a second preamp to the package, […]

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TSE X50 Amp Simulator: Tone Settings Examples (Videos)

I’ve been trying to find a good amp simulator plugin with decent heavy metal-style tones. The first one on the list is TSE X50 v2.3. It’s one of the most popular amp plugins, and is designed to simulate the much-acclaimed all-tube Peavey 5150 amp that is used by many rock and metal guitarists. The TSE […]

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